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Workshops for school classes

Workshops for school classes:

Please select your desired date and follow the booking steps:
1. selection of workshop duration
Variants: 60 minutes or 90 minutes
2. choose your tour tickets
Variants: SKL students (please select the number of participating students) SKL accompanying persons (please select the number of accompanying persons).
3. please answer all questions and then go to the cash desk, please fill in all data in the form.
The order needs a separate treatment and you will receive a confirmation back as soon as your appointment is confirmed.

If you have any questions, please contact kunstvermittlung@hortencollection.com.


Workshops für Schulklassen & Kindergärten
Varianten: 60 Minuten oder 90 Minuten
Kostenloses Angebot für alle Schulstufen, bei Nichteinhaltung des Termins und nicht zeitgerechter Absage erlauben wir uns eine Stornogebühr von € 100,00 in Rechnung zu stellen.

SKL/KiGa Workshop 60 Minuten

2 currently available


SKL/KiGa Workshop 90 Minuten

2 currently available